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Course Description: The Foundations in Financial PlanningSM Program Leading to the Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional™ or FPQP™ Designation is an introductory financial planning professional designation. The Foundations in Financial PlanningSM Program is the perfect introduction to personal financial planning for those who are in support roles or have no prior experience.


The program covers the main facets in personal financial planning, but in a way better suited to practical rather than professional application. The program is an ideal starting point for those new to the world of financial planning or for planners looking to give their support staff with additional insights. Graduates are eligible for the Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional™ or FPQP™ mark.

What benefits does the Foundations in Financial PlanningSM Program offer?

  • The FPQP™ designation is the industry-benchmark for entry-level financial planning credentials and is encouraged by the industry’s top firms.
  • Graduates report a 7% increase in earnings in addition to increases to their number of clients and even their job satisfaction.
  • Learn basic, practical financial knowledge that can be used to assist planners and advisors.

"The Foundations in Financial Planning℠ program is excellent for someone like me who is just starting a career in financial planning. Course materials provide a well-written and comprehensive introduction to the financial services industry." – Pat G.

  • Develop skills that are applicable to your own financial situation while earning a designation that can advance your career.
  • The program covers every major facet of personal financial planning to ensure students receive a comprehensive education
  • Obtain up to 45 hours of CE credit for completion.

Course Details

Why Enroll?

How does the Foundations Program work?

The College’s professional designation programs all feature open enrollment. You can enroll and begin whenever you like. While we offer periodic live classes, these are completely optional and are available to all students at no additional charge.


When you enroll you will receive immediate access to the College’s exclusive online student portal. Within this portal you will find copies of your written study materials, streaming video lectures, downloadable MP3’s, interactive quizzes, and even access to live classes when they are in session. You will also be able to contact your professor with questions or issues.


All of these things are included with your enrollment and we pride ourselves on not charging for additional 3rd party books, online functionality, access to professors, etc.

Course Topics:

  • Module 1. The Financial Planning Process

    Chapter 1. Personal Financial Planning Defined


    Chapter 2. How Financial Planning Helps Individuals Achieve Their Goals


    Chapter 3. Steps in the Personal Financial Planning Process


    Chapter 4. Knowledge Required for Appropriate Analysis & Plan Creation


    Chapter 5. Ethical & Regulatory Issues & the Financial Planning Professional

  • Module 2. Cash Management & the Use of Debt

    Chapter 1. Financial Statements


    Chapter 2. Financial Situation Analysis


    Chapter 3. Credit and Debt


    Chapter 4: Budgeting

  • Module 3. The Time Value of Money

    Chapter 1. Basic Calculator Functions and Terminology


    Chapter 2. Calculator Keystrokes Relating to Time Value of Money


    Chapter 3. The Importance of Rate Assumptions

  • Module 4. Insurance Basics & Property Insurance

    Chapter 1. Principles of Risk Management


    Chapter 2. Homeowners Insurance


    Chapter 3. Automobile & Umbrella Liability Insurance

  • Module 5. Life & Health Insurance

    Chapter 1. Life Insurance


    Chapter 2. Health Care Plans


    Chapter 3. Disability Income Insurance


    Chapter 4. Long-Term Care Insurance


    Chapter 5. Annuities

  • Module 6. Investment Basics & Strategies

    Chapter 1. Asset Classes


    Chapter 2. Types and Measurements of Risk


    Chapter 3. Mutual Funds and ETFs


    Chapter 4: Investments and Financial Planning

  • Module 7. Retirement Planning

    Chapter 1. Opportunities and Challenges Associated with Retirement Planning


    Chapter 2. Sources of Retirement Income


    Chapter 3. Social Security


    Chapter 4. Financial Planning for Retirees

  • Module 8. Tax Implications of Financial Decisions

    Chapter 1. The Variety of Taxes Payable by an Individual


    Chapter 2. The Federal Tax Calculation on Form 1040


    Chapter 3. Tax Consequences of Selling Property


    Chapter 4. How Are Employee Benefits and Compensation Taxed?


    Chapter 5. Keeping the Proper Records


    Chapter 6. Tax Planning Strategies

  • Module 9. Estate Planning

    Chapter 1. Estate Planning Terminology


    Chapter 2. Estate Transfer Tools


    Chapter 3. Estate Transfer Expenses


    Chapter 4. Incapacity Planning

  • Case Study & Master Index

    Chapter 1. Getting to Know Your Clients


    Chapter 2. The Hahns’ Goals and Objectives


    Chapter 3. Exercises


    Chapter 4. Answer Key


Students must successfully pass the course’s single final examination within one year of their enrollment date. Final exams can be administered at our approved testing centers: PSIPrometric, or ISO Quality Testing. The first examination is included as part of your enrollment. Subsequent examination attempts are $100 each. Students must  attempt the exam within six months of enrollment and have one year to complete the program.

Policies & Procedures:

A complete list of requirements, testing information, and the College’s complete list of Policies & Procedures can be found here.

Conferment Requirements

There are additional requirements to obtain and maintain authorization to use this designation.

Live Course Dates:

The next live course will be offered during these dates. Remember that you can enroll and begin at any time using pre-recorded course lectures.

Classes meet each Thursday

Start Date:

End Date:

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Classes meet each Tuesday

Start Date:

End Date:

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

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Enrollment Process

Course Details

Enrollment Process

How do I enroll in a program?

It’s incredibly easy to enroll and begin your studies immediately! By clicking Enroll Now, you will be prompted to create a user account and enter payment information. Within just a few minutes of enrolling you will have full access to all of your course study tools.
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What payment options are available?

The College for Financial Planning accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.  If you would like to pay by check or money order contact an enrollment specialist for more information.

If you are currently employed in the financial services industry you may be eligible for a discount. The best way to learn more about any potential discounts or additional enrollment options is to contact our enrollment team at 1-800-237-9990 x 3 or at


The College has a wide variety of program scholarships available. Visit our Scholarships Page for more information.

Student/Alumni Resources

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Transition from Registered ParaplannerSM (RP®) to Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional™ (FPQP™)

In January of 2018, the College for Financial Planning replaced the RP® and Registered ParaplannerSM professional designation with a new designation using the trademarks FPQPTM and Financial Paraplanner Qualified ProfessionalTM.


This change came as a result of the term “registered” presenting challenges for those working in financial services due to its similarity to terminology frequently used in other roles within the industry. It even resulted in some firms restricting the use of the credential. After significant analysis of the long-term sustainability of the designation, we chose to replace the designation name with a more distinctive title and acronym. While the name and trademarks for the credential changed, the Foundations in Financial Planning program’s industry-benchmark curriculum did not.


Effective January 31, 2018, the College discontinued ownership of the RP® and Registered ParaplannerSM trademarks. Therefore, we request you transition to using the new trademarks—FPQPTM and Financial Paraplanner Qualified ProfessionalTM — as soon as reasonably possible. You’ll find copies of the new designation logo, mark usage guidelines, and publicity brochure below.


Additionally, If you are an existing designee and would like a complementary certificate featuring the new credential, please contact our Student Services Center at 1-800-237-9990, option 2.

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CFP®, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM, and CFP (with flame logo)® are certification marks owned by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. The College for Financial Planning does not certify individuals to use the CFP®, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM or CFP (with flame logo)® certification marks. CFP® certification is granted only by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards to those persons who, in addition to completing an education requirement such as this CFP Board-Registered Program, have met its ethics, experience, and examination requirements. Earnings amounts and increases cited relate to individuals already employed in the financial services industry.  They do not constitute guarantees of future results.


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